Pariah (pah -´rye - ah) n: 1. Any person or animal generally despised or avoided., 2. A social outcast., 3. Me.

Outstanding Imagery of Extraordinary People.

I photograph. It's what I do and what I love to do. Herein are 'released' portraits of extraordinary and interesting people. Some are collaborations and others are from the workings of my own mind. I particularly enjoy photographing 'Alternative' types. Those that portray a 'look' that is uniquely Them.

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All the photographs / images herein these pages are afforded full copyright protection and may not be used in any manner without expressed written consent from myself. (Pariah... Yes, that's my full legal name.)

In some imagery there is nudity involved. If you are offended at such, if you are a minor (you know who you are), if you are here for malicious intent or if your Government and/or Deity prohibit your viewing such, simply go away. The rest of you enjoy what these folk and I have done and be well.

{ If any of you have ever had to experience the difficulties that photography attracts, (I.E. cost, Boyfriends, cost, Girlfriends, cost, Fathers, cost, Mothers, cost, Husbands, cost, Brothers, cost, Lovers, cost, EGOS, cost, Releases, cost, Processors, cost, etc.) (Did I mention COST!) I wouldn't have to include this statement. } I.E.; Don't steal from me and don't disrespect the lovely folk that I've photographed!